The Great American Solar Eclipse Fail

August 24, 2017 from Esther Masau

Unfortunately, the hopes of the crowd gathered in Dede Plaza to witness the solar eclipse were dampened with a thunderstorm rolled through during the peak time. That didn’t stop Indiana State students from having fun, though.

Cheri’s Lemonade Stand

August 22, 2017 from Esther Masau

A little rain couldn’t stop First Lady Cheri from handing out lemonade and cookies at Cheri’s Lemonade Stand, a tradition on the first day of the fall semester since Cheri and President Bradley arrived on campus nine years ago.

Blue is Tradition

August 22, 2017 from Tony Campbell

Check out this time lapse of the entire March Through the Arch.

Blue is Organized

August 20, 2017 from Jon Garcia

Indiana State University has streamlined the move-in process to make it easier on students and families. Check out this time lapse clip of the south lot of Sycamore Towers to see the traffic flow.

Bo Knows – the Solar Eclipse (extended)

August 18, 2017 from Tony Campbell

Want to know even more about Monday’s solar eclipse? Check out this extended video to find answers.

Bo Knows – the Solar Eclipse

August 18, 2017 from Tony Campbell

Student Bo Turner finds out some answer’s to key questions related to Monday’s solar eclipse.

Blue is Progress

August 16, 2017 from Tony Campbell

Take a look inside of the Indiana State University Health and Human Services building. Work on the building will be completed in 2018.

Blue is, Blue was

August 10, 2017 from Esther Masau

Take a tour of the quad with a current Sycamore and a graduate from the 60s. This video was featured at the recent Reunion Day celebration, sponsored by the Alumni Association. The class of 1967 was honored, and President Dan Bradley was in attendance to greet the returning graduates.

Blue is Legendary

August 04, 2017 from Tony Campbell

Time lapse footage of the statue of Larry Bird on the campus of Indiana State University. The statue is located on the south side of Hulman Center, and has become a focal point for students and visitors.

Campus Time Lapse

July 24, 2017 from John Garcia

Check out this series of time lapse clips taken by student photographer Jon Garcia.