Gandhi rededication marks leader’s 147th birthday

from Tony Campbell

Officials unveiled today a new, more prominent plaque at the tree honoring Mahatma Gandhi.

The plaque was donated by Rumu Sarkar and her mother, Dipa Sarkar, who served as president of Terre Haute’s India Association at the time of Gandhi’s centennial observance on campus on May 5, 1970.

The original plaque was buried beneath leaves and mulch and did not mention that the tree was a gift of the India Association, so the new one was rededicated in observance of Gandhi’s 147th birthday on July 24.

Present at the ceremony were nearly 20 people, including Indiana State President Dan Bradley, Rumu Sarkar, Dipa Sarkar and Urmila Patel, wife of the late Narsi Patel, an Indiana State professor who was instrumental in organizing Gandhi’s centenary celebration in 1970.